Insulin And Carbohydrates

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Many so-called experts believe that carbohydrates are the enemy of successful fat loss. They claim that eating carbs make you fat. This is based upon the theory that high carb intake diets cause high insulin release levels, and that high insulin release levels lead to high fat storage levels.

They further the claim of "evil insulin" by pointing out the fact that insulin is the body's main storage hormone. And after all, fat is the body's main energy storage place. For the most part, this is total bull-shit with the exception of simple sugars.

The fact is that during a calorie deficit period (any period that less calories are ingested than burned) the body has no inclination toward fat storage from any macronutrient.

Think about that for a second. How can the body "store" calories if it is currently depleting its reserves? When it is an issue of fat loss or gain, calorie intake count vs. calorie expenditure count is the most important determining factor.

But for those doubters (and nutritionist/dietitians) who scoff at this, read the Study "Differences in insulin resistance do not predict weight loss in response to hypocaloric diets in healthy obese women" McLaughlin, T., et al. (1999) Journal of Clinical Endocrine Metabolism 84:578-581. There are several other studies to support the facts also. But as most bodybuilders are aware, most nutritionist and dietitians still believe that the RDA for protein is all of the protein anyone will ever need for maximum athletic progress.

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