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rIGF-1 is not majorly anabolic on its own. As a by-product of GH however, it did play a very potent role in the growth long-term equation. The main problems with exogenous rIGF-l were first, its instability. Loud noises, shaking, dropping, and other life realities (like the spouse in a bad mood) will destroy it. This is why the body makes its own IGF-1 at the last moment from Gh. The stuff is fragile!

Second is the fact that the intestinal areas and organs have more IGF-1 receptor-sites than muscle cells do. This is the reason so many of today's larger pro's have distended abdominal areas. Which absolutely sucked (Ya, corny but someone had to suffer the pun)!

Which IGF-1?

However, IGF-1 was quite useful for Frank when the right form was employed (Yes, I am going to talk about Long R-3 IGF-1). And hey, someone else was footing Frank's bill in the end anyway! Remember IGF-1 is an amino acid sequence. When stacked together, the combination of IGF-1 and GH is documented to be atleast twice as anabolic as either alone.

I do not believe either worked "best" for growth without exogenous insulin. But IGF-1 was better than GH alone when dosages were above 60mcg daily. Since there have been numerous studies performed with children employing as much as 9mg (9000mcg) of IGF-1 daily, 60-1 20 mcg per day was not a major issue in my opinion.

Long R-3 IGF-1 is a technological wonder. This is similar to DES (1-3) IGF-1 in that it is at least 10 times as anabolic as rIGF-l and it is resistant to liver destruction. As I have explained in Chemical Muscle Enhancement, most IGF-1 exists in a bound or non-active form within our bodies regardless of origin.

It is bound by a protein called IGF-1 BP-3 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Binding Protein-3). When it is freed much of the IGF-1 is destroyed before it can even tickle one cell into growth. This means much of an administered dosage of rIGF-l is lost before it can have any fun, as well.

Long R-3 IGF-1 is resistant to binding by IGF-1 BP-3 yet it is self protective of liver destruction. Additionally the use of this anabolic actually decreases the body's production of the binding protein. Oh ya, though some still tell their lady's otherwise, Long R-3 IGF-1 is not as instable by a long shot as rIGF-1. (I had a client whom once actually told his wife "Hush! The IGF-1 is sleeping in the refrigerator" and managed to get her to speak and walk quietly in the kitchen for several days.)

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