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Day #2 Glipizide 5 mg 2 times daily.

Day #3 off both drugs. (Repeat)

Day #2 Glipizide 10 mg 2 times daily.

Day #3 off both drugs. (Repeat)

Between WK #5-12 there were 8 weeks or 56 days so there were nineteen 3 day rotations possible. This meant the on-off protocol of "Day #1-Humalog, Day #2-Glipizide, Day #3 off " was repeated 19 times in 56 days. Ya, I know 3x19x=57 but day #57 was off (duh).

The logic behind this protocol was multifaceted. First there were only 19 actual days of Humalog use out of 56 days total thus drastically reducing negative reactions such as insulin insensitivity and diabetes. Second was the synergistic effect sulfonylurea drugs had upon insulin use.

These drugs actually increased the total amount of insulin "utilized" by avoiding the day after crash normally created through exogenous insulin administration. On day three of each rotation, the pancreatic beta-cells remained sensitive and still up-regulated insulin production above normal. And of course, by maintaining the increase in insulin receptor-site sensitivity, progress was not inhibited.


The third layer of a "Super-Cycle-of-Serious-Sensitivity" intended for mass gain was AAS. Exogenous insulin use worked best for sheer growth when a high androgenic environment was created. (Max Androgen Phases worked quite well) In this example though, the goal was to create a long term AAS layer that acted synergistically with the three day Humalog-Glipizide protocol and matched the numbered sequence /rotation.

Note: AAS increase Insulin sensitivity, and insulin decreases SHBG and Albumin.

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