How To Elevate Free Testosterone Levels Naturally

As the reader should be aware (and would be if "Chemical Muscle Enhancement" was read prior to this book), there are total, bound and free testosterone plasma levels. Bound testosterone, or any androgen/AAS, is inactive and bound by SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin) and has no effect because it cannot merge with receptor sites. Free testosterone is the only active form and accounts for about 1-3% of total testosterone /Androgen plasma levels. So a total testosterone threshold of 100 MG would only provide 1-3 MG, approximately, of free and active testosterone.

*Which is a lot of molecules when one considers normal endogenous total plasma levels of "about" 7 mg daily total. This would provide about 0.07 MG of free testosterone daily for a male athlete.

Brief AAS protocols were intended to get in, hit hard, and get out before the body's reaction of elevating cortisol/estrogen levels could catch up to elevated testosterone/AAS levels. This also meant that levels of cortisol failed to reach a dominant level post-cycle and greater lean mass was retained. A second benefit of brief protocols was the body's inability to catch up to quickly elevated plasma testosterone levels with an up-regulated SHBG synthesis (or the other sex hormone binding protein called albumin). SHBG also sometimes took a few weeks to down-regulate post-cycle, which means free testosterone levels were lower.

There are some OTC (over the counter) preventative supplements that aid in maintaining elevated free testosterone levels. Avena Sative (wild oat extract), copper tartrate, magnesium aspartate, zinc aspartate, and vitamin-B-6 are the most common. There are products that contains Muira puama (potency wood) zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B-6 in highly biologically active forms that have clinical studies supporting elevation of free testosterone by about 30%. There are several other products of this nature on store shelves.

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