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Before we continue the story of how a beast was constructed, I would like to discuss hormone synergy. Synergy was the introduction of two or more hormones in such a way that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual hormone at higher dosages. (More is not always better. Better is better.

Over the years, we have observed bigger and leaner athletes. It seems to come in spurts, or periods of adjustments. The top competitors will come in 6-10 LBS heavier and a little leaner, then one arrives far larger, and the rest suddenly catch up the following year. This is due to individuals who pioneer new chemistry and learn how to use it in synergy with the rest of their gear for optimum progress. This synergy is not all that difficult to understand for the most part.

As we know there is bound (inactive) testosterone and free (active) testosterone. Only the unbound free testosterone is capable of inducing an anabolic/androgenic action. Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) binds about 98-99% of total testosterone within the blood stream. So a daily plasma threshold level of 100 mg of testosterone would only allow about a 1-2 mg active or free testosterone level at any given time. And what amazing things that 1-2 mg have done. Testosterone also suppresses fat storage enzymes.

Insulin is both anabolic and anti-catabolic. We know about insulin's ability to shuttle amino acids and glucose into tissues, unfortunately it also is the main fat storage hormone. Research has also shown insulin affects storage of only about half of the essential amino acids. But did you know Insulin also reduces SHBG? Yup! So when AAS were stacked or layered with Insulin in a protocol there was an existing increase in free testosterone.

Second, due to AAS ability to suppress the fat storage process, insulin had a superior ability to shuttle nutrients into muscle instead of fat cells. A third synergistic event happened when insulin induced increases in both glucose and amino acids storage made possible significant cellular protein synthesis induced by AAS.

Last, we know in the presence of elevated circulatory insulin levels, lower plasma cortisol levels existed. Therefore this allowed a significant alteration in the anabolic/catabolic ratio in favor of anabolism. Too bad insulin was Lipogenic (fat synthesis promoting).

GH is Lipolytic (fat burning) and acts to increase muscle structural proteins, induce hyperplasia, and increase the cellular uptake of about half of the essential amino acids. Guess what? It is the complimentary half of essential amino acids to those insulin increased cellular uptake of. Without a complete and properly ratioed amino acid profile, growth is significantly retarded regardless of hormone source. A single deficiency in any one amino acid will limit growth in proportion to its limit. GH stacked with testosterone induced an increase in cell/fiber count in muscle tissue while significantly increasing muscular hypertrophy.

It also increased half of the amino acid uptake and use to produce growth, while joining together to prevent fat storage. And the fat was better utilized for energy needs. Since GH and Insulin stacked together supported uptake of all essential amino acids, significant protein synthesis occurred. Add an AAS and a stronger anabolic message was realized... And again, synergy was improved.

Researchers have proven that gross muscular weight gains are modest with either GH or Insulin. The same researchers have also proven combined synergistic stacks of Insulin and GH create enormous gross and lean mass weight gains (Duh!)

" The future will be strangely interesting, my Lad. With the addition of IGF-1, PGF-2, PGE-I INTERLEUKIN-15, myostatin inhibitors, and MGF to the synergistic poo, athletes will compete at 350-400 LBS. And it will not be . just the genetic gifted individuals."

But what about lagging body parts? (More things to think about later!)

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Supplements For Diabetics

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