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When I wrote "Chemical Muscle Enhancement", I had out-lined a "topical/oral androgen posing oil" called Prefect from a company called Hazardous Materials. As I explained, it was a sterile MCT oil based product line that contained a series of high activity free prosteroids and prohormones.

It had become a favorite space occupier for both so-called naturals and chemically assisted athletes alike. It was kind of like "Super Synthol" in action. In fact, I know of several individuals who claimed it was as effective as testosterone propionate and Durabolin/EQ when utilized as a space Occupier / androgenic /anabolic protocol.

I do not agree that it was "that good", but results were very impressive as were resulting androgen plasma levels. It was my favorite and Frank's progress realized from Protest were significantly better than that accomplished from Synthol.

The problem was that it has become very difficult to find. "Sold Out" and "discontinued" were the answers I received with my mail and internet orders for more. I finally got a hold of the owner who explained that due to fear of FDA intervention and the products "drug-like appearance" its future was uncertain.

The out come of the conversation, was that their new product line became "orally administered" sterile oil based products containing high activity esterized prosteroids and prohormones, and a topical posing oil containing a sterile MCT combination. The line is now called Hardcore Muscle Gear, instead of Hazardous Materials mainly so it doesn't scare people off or give the wrong idea of what the company does.

Any way, the point is that it's still the same company, but they have even better products now. I'll list a few of their super-cool products on the next page. Just keep in mind that by the time you read this book, things may have changed with their product line. Maybe out of fear that the DEA or FDA or some other badge carrying organization considers their products too "hardcore" or borderline "drug-like", they may alter some things.

My advice would be to always visit their website for the most resent information by going to www.HMgear.com ... Anyway, on to their legal androgen list ...

A Few Hardcore Muscle Gear Legal Androgens

1. Nandrolone-OH (AKA: "No Side Effects Deca"): This essentially is nandrolone decanoate without the high potential for "Deca Dick" or gyno from estrogenic activity added to progestin-like qualities normally attributed to Deca. It is a sterile solution of 4-Hydroxynandrolone decanoate provided in a 1OOmg/ml 20ml bottle. Moderate androgenic and high anabolic structure.

2. Testosterone-OH (Non-Aromatizing Testosterone): This product has nearly the same anabolic/androgenic profile at testosterone but it is not susceptible to the aromatase enzyme thus preventing aromatization to estrogens. A real plus is the lack of bloating and gyno from administration as compared to testosterone itself. Interesting fact is that it also inhibits estrogen formation and has "reported" HPTA regenerative qualities. I have used the product with excellent results and have to admit that there was an increase in HPTA activity when employed alone. Testosterone OH is a sterile solution of 4-Hydroxytestosterone decanoate provided in a lOOmg/ml 20ml bottle. High anabolic and high androgenic structure.

3. 4-AD Decanoate: A little known fact is that 4-Androstene 3, 17, diol is not a precursor of testosterone but actually a metabolite of it. It is more androgenic than testosterone and about 90% as anabolic. It does not aromatize directly to estrogens and induces low DHT activity from reduction to the metabolite. Oddly enough most users report a superior post-training recovery value to this product when compared to testosterone itself. 4-AD Decanoate is a sterile solution of 4-Hydroxytestosterone decanoate provided in a 200mg/ml 20ml bottle.

4. 1 -Testosterone Decanoate (Burn Free T-Test): Many that have experienced 1-testosterone administration have also realized that the stuff hurts for days at the administration site. This is due to the structure of the hormone itself, actually. Though I disagree with the "Burn Free" labeling I do have to say that the effect has been reduced to an acceptable level. 1-Test is about 7-time more active than testosterone though its effects are somewhat of a cross between trenbolone and Primobolan. It does not convert to estrogens and it possesses a certain subcutaneous water reducing effect that is quite welcomed by most. This product does have a very high androgenic effect as well as significant anabolic value. Great for lean body mass gains and cutting protocols. 1-Testosterone Decanoate is a sterile solution of 1-Testosterone decanoate provided in a 50mg/ml 20ml bottle.

5. Hardcore S.E.O.: This is a sterile MCT oil product provided as a cosmetic enhancement. 100ml bottle.

Important, please read: As most are aware by now, the decanoate ester added to any hormone allows for an 8 day half-life when administered intramuscularly. Though sterile, I certainly would not suggest that anyone apply these products as anything but as directed by the label and legal guidelines. However there has been those whom have used them as Max Androgen Phases.

Editor's Note: Before we start with the protocols, I wanted to let you know that these products by HM Gear are really awesome. One of the reasons that we mention them is because I haven't been able to take any steroids for a few years now. Actually, I never really did for ONE main reason - HAIRLOSS!

Pretty much allfreakin steroids make me lose hair right away, especially at effective dosages. Some people don't have the "balding" gene, so you can take whatever you want, at whatever dose and never lose your hair. I unfortunately, I'm not one of these lucky individuals.

One drug that I could take (in lower dosages) was Deca ... but, one problem I

ALWAYS had was I got the dreaded "Deca Dick", which for those that don't know, is ZERO sex drive. I had a limp dick and when you are in a relationship, this sucks.

Oxandrolone (Anavar) was another drug that I could take in lower dosages as well, but you don 7 see much of anything with it all by itself, not to mention, it's just too darn expensive. And of course, there is GH, but my body tends to need a high dosage for any drugs (whether it be steroids or Tylenol) and as we all know, high dosage GH is extremely expensive.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the products at HM Gear have been heaven sent for me! I mainly stack the Nandrolone-OH with the Testosterone-OH and it ROCKS! No side effects, no hairloss, no bloat, no bullshit. Just good, decent size. Yes, I do have to take more of it compared to "real" steroids to see similar effects, but I would say about 25% more. Hence, instead of doing 750 mgs a week of Deca Durabolin + Testosterone Cypionate, I now take 1000 mgs of Nandrolone-OH + Testosterone-OH.

Also, I usually add in about 100 mgs, twice weekly of the 4-AD Decanoate for extra sex drive and I feel and look good, hard and cut all the time without having to spend a ton of extra money on estrogen and DHT blockers, inhibitors, clomid, HCG, etc., etc.

I'm actually saving a lot more money now and hence, I'm very grateful and I wanted to show my appreciation by mentioning this company and their products! Hopefully for those in similar situations to mine, you will be just as happy with the results!

Hardcore Muscle Max Androgen Phase Example

Below are some simple, yet very effective protocols you can use with the HM Gear products. Without the addition of any AAS, these products had been quite useful for creating several effective Max Androgen Phase utilized both as site-injection protocols and non-site-specific protocols. Frank has utilized them by following the schedule out-lined on the next few pages.

• Frank rotated sites daily in according to training.

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