Franks Contest Prep Goals

■ Maintain or increase lean muscle mass.

■ Increase vascularity.

■ Improve separation and striation of musculature.

■ Monitor and adjust symmetry.

Seems almost stupid to read, doesn't it? You would be quite surprised how many hard-core bodybuilders knew these goals but failed to achieve them. Many simply decreased calories, added aerobics (yes, I said the "A" word) and hoped for the best.

Worse yet, the new trend was becoming symmetry adjustments made at the last moment with several hundred ML of Synthol (Oh, but that is against the rules now!). Usually this results in a ripped physique with obvious oil bags in certain areas. How many times have we seen a truly gifted and strong-hearted 280 Ib beast diet to 215225 LBS only to appear soft and stringy?

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