Drug Synergy

The descending/ascending dosage schedule for Dianabol initiates and maintained a more constant blood plasma androgen level as Testosterone Enanthate built up and peaked at day #8 then slowly decreased between day #15 to 22. This allowed a mostly clear system by day #22.

HCG established a superior endogenous androgen production level before cycle exit. Proviron was a respectable androgenic, and an aromatase inhibitor which maintained muscle hardness and some strength benefits while aiding estrogen clearing. However, the benefit of Proviron in this protocol was its very high binding affinity for SHBG. This approach made all other androgens more bio-active since less SHBG was available for binding.

Some experts believe that fast acting testosterones, such as suspension or propionate, suppresses HPTA function more quickly than slower acting testosterone such as enanthate or cypionate. This is true for a very simple reason.

Faster acting testosterones flood the system with the active drug much more quickly; whereas slower drugs require a protracted time frame to build-up to maximum circulatory levels. The result is that fast acting drugs mean faster aromatization and lever metabolism to estrogens. Since estrogens are the greatest (or worst) cause of HPTA suppression and the resulting negative feed-back loop, it should be evident why this is so.

The injectable long acting anti-aromatase drug formestane (21-28 day active life) was noted as mildly anabolic as was the injection administered form of Teslac. Both drugs worked well to prevent excessive estrogen build-up when taken a few days before beginning administration of aromatizing androgens.

The Phase 1 example on the prior page resulted in serious androgenic / anabolic activity augmented by the synergistic effects of elevated IGF-1 production from the liver during oral alkylated AAS deactivation (Dianabol). Most Testosterones have been utilized or substituted for enanthate when the administration protocol was adjusted to facilitate system clearing by day #22.

After all, off meant off, or it was not a Phase Cycle. When Sustanon-250 was the substitution drug it had to be administered in its total dosage entirety within the first two days to clear the system adequately by day #22... by the way. That was 10001500 mg of mixed testosterone esters per day for the first 2 days. Interesting. Unfortunately the over abundance of the propionate ester in Sustanon-250 had decreasing value here.

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