Diet Plays An Important Role In Heart Health

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Diet plays an important role in heart and total physical health. A diet higher in monounsaturated fats and Omega-3/Omega-6/GLA essential fatty acids aids in preventing heart rhythm disturbances and raise protective HDL levels. They also promote formation of good prostaglandins for growth. Any diet should not allow more than 1 0% saturated fats by macronutrient ratio.

For elevated cholesterol there is a prescription drug called Mevacor that contains Lovastatin which inhibits the liver from synthesizing cholesterol. It does so by inhibiting a specific liver enzyme.

Red yeast rice contains Lovastatin naturally and is available over the counter. 2.5-3 grams daily has been shown to have similar effects as the drug Mevacor. Lovastatin can cause muscle damage in higher dosages. So again more is not necessarily better. Coenzyme Q-l 0 appears to prevent this effect.

Niacin (Flush-free) also aids in reducing negative cholesterol problems. 1-3 grams daily has shown significant results in most individuals. Niacin should not be taken before training unless the goal is carb depletion. B-complex vitamins can inhibit the use of fat as an energy source and increase glycogen use during training. (B-vitamins should be ingested after training)

Guqqal sterones also seem to aid in reducing negative cholesterol problems but I am still researching this one. So far it looks very good.

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