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The goals of contest prep obviously included lean mass retention or addition. How many top competitors have you seen doing 60-90 minutes of aerobics twice daily and train like animals during contest prep yet retain incredible lean mass? Well, for the average actual-natural, this would result in serious over training and lean mass tissue loss at a very high rate.

Anyone who had administered 2-4 grams of androgens weekly did quite well as long as their diet was somewhat appropriate. But there were protocols that provided Frank with far superior health and results. These protocols always assured necessary factors were met. All of these drugs were discussed thoroughly in Chemical Muscle Enhancement, however a brief recap maybe needed.

Testosterone: During contest prep, testosterone assured a high androgen level that resulted in significant training intensity and recovery. Testosterone also inhibits the enzyme that allows fat cell fatty acid deposits (like love-handles). As long as estrogen control was adequate, testosterone aided in providing a superior hardness to musculature while stimulating good strength gains for heavy training and necessary maximum muscle fiber stimulation.

Most AAS did increase red blood cell count and therefore vascularity. Reasonable increases in blood pressure from androgenic compounds helped to finish "the look".

High Anabolic Steroids: A highly anabolic steroid provided increased muscle protein synthesis while reducing the catabolic ratio. Some AAS worked well in a calorie deficit environment. This was paramount for lean mass retention or increase. In order, those that worked best to least were: Parabolan, Finabolan, Masteron, Primobolan Depot, Deca Durabolin, Winstrol Depot, and Equipoise.

However, some combinations created a synergy that resulted in improved muscle separation/striation and lean mass tissue growth or retention. As example, Winstrol Depot, utilized as a site-injection protocol, with Testosterone Propionate has been the cause of many deep pec and delt striations and separations.

Growth Hormone: When properly layered in during contest prep, GH brought a new level of quality to a physique. It increased the use of fat stores as energy, acted both anabolically and as an anti-catabolic. CH also aided in injury prevention.

Research has shown that as little as 2 i.u. daily of CH can reduce fat stores about 35% when utilized with a calorie restricted diet. The diet need only equal "normal" daily calorie expenditures. There is some research that suggests that GH administration increases endogenous testosterone synthesis. But to say that this alone would have HPTA regenerative qualities is likely a stretch.

There is a notable difference between the methodology of GH use in relation to mass gain and contest prep. This is due to Direct and Indirect affects.

GH refers to Growth Hormone, which is a sort of master substance produced by the pituitary gland. It has somewhat of a prohormone quality to it in that it triggers several other active hormones to be produced (indirect effect) while maintaining the ability to trigger metabolic activities (direct effect) itself.

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