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Carbohydrates are said to be the main source of energy providing nutrients. Complex and low glycemic sources such as rice, grains, sweet potatoes, whole wheat, pasta, and veggies are the better choices. The slower burning/low glycemic carbs are best because they provide continuous fuel for training and healing as well as the raw material for replenishment of liver and muscle glycogen stores.

The three slowest burning carb sources are Maltodextrin 20 (D.E. 20), brown rice, and oat fiber. A hard-core mass monster needs 1-3g of carbs per pound of bodyweight daily to grow at maximum rates. (Those whom replace carbs with gluconeogenic amino acids obviously do not)

Low carb intake will result in poor muscular pumps and a lack of energy for high intensity or volume oriented training. Carbs also aid in preventing protein from being utilized as an energy source, so they do have an anticatabolic quality.

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