Atp Shrinkage And Bcakad

During a work-set and the subsequent employment of the Glycogen/ATP -Pathway, a build-up of lactic acid occurs. Lactic Acid is a by-product of glycogen use as an energy/ATP source. It is made up of lactate and hydrogen, the latter being an acid. The build-up triggers acidosis in the working muscles cells which in turn activates a very muscle unfriendly enzyme called "Branch-Chain-Alpha-Keto-Acid-Dehydrogenase", (I really don't make these names up) or BCAKAD for short (Okay?).

BCAKAD is evil stuff that degrades Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA'S) in the working muscles. The BCAA's are leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine. These are essential amino acids, meaning that the body can not manufacture them from other amino acids, and they make up about 33% of total muscle proteins.

So lactic acid build-up results in acidosis, this in turn activates evil BCAKAD. BCAKAD degrades BCAA'S which means muscle protein catabolism or wasting. Catabolism means the dreaded state of shrinkage.(huh?)

When training or diet factors induce catabolism by way of activation of the BCAKAD enzyme, the muscle digests itself to yield BCAA's and glutamine for use as a source of substrate for energy /ATP production. To do this, the ammonia group is removed from the BCAA's structures to allow their carbon group to be used as a fuel or substrate source.

The remaining ammonia is obviously toxic to tissues, so the glutamine resulting from the muscle catabolism also acts like an ammonia conveyor. Meaning that the glutamine helps carry the toxic ammonia through the circulatory system to the liver and kidneys for excretion. It should be noted that glutamine can be converted to glucose, as can BCAA's, by the liver. So when an athlete smells ammonia in their sweat during or after training, this is why. The result is shrinkage... which of course all males know about and all females should.

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