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Body Weight: 308 LB, 1 2 % bodyfat, Lean Mass Weight 271 LBS.

Measurements: Chest 59.2 ", Arms 23.2 ", Legs 33.25 ", Waist 36.5".

Frank has made excellent progress and holds more adipose tissue near his waist with decent abs still showing, oddly enough. Frank has 37 LBS of fat and about 15 LBS of water to lose. The latter will be lost, in part, the last 3 days prior to contest.

Realistically speaking, Frank will not lose the entire 37 LBS of bodyfat. But the weight loss is a base for this diet. If all goes perfect, Frank will weigh 250-256 LBS when he steps on stage and be about 4% body fat. Of course, very freaky also. Our goal will be to bring him in at over 270 LBS contest ready next year, but lets get this one done with first.

If Frank were a natural bodybuilder, the diet parameters would differ from a chemically enhanced athlete. He would begin by determining his basal metabolic rate (BMR). BMR is the number of calories a body requires to maintain homeostasis at rest.

One method of dieting assumes a BMR of 6.5 calories per pound of lean mass weight. For Frank this would be 271 LBS x 6.5 cal = 1761.5 calories required at rest. Remember, "at rest" means the number calories metabolically active tissue burns daily with zero movement. We do not count fat as par of the equation because fat does not burn calories.

Next, I would account for Frank's calories burned daily due to activity. A weight training work-out burns between 250-450 calories, depending on training intensity and how long each work-out last.

There are also normal daily activities to account for since they too induce a calorie expenditure. As an example, a couch potato may only need an additional 300 calories daily above his/her BMR, but an active individual may require over 750 additional calories above their BMR to maintain homeostasis. These additional calories (required for normal daily activities) are where Frank would initially create a calorie deficit. The math on that is pretty simple... BMR plus the high intensity work-out calories required would equal 2211 calories daily (1761c for BMR + 450c for each work-out=2211 calories).

So utilizing a 3 day staggered calorie count around this base figure would allow Frank a stagger of day #1 -2500c; day#2-2350c; day #3 2200c, and then repeat. Since Frank is moderately active, he utilizes about 500 calories daily for normal activities, so his net calorie deficit would be about 2500 calories total every 7 days.

This would result in a "fat" loss of about 1 LB per week or about 12-17+ LBS over his 1 2 week contest prep period. If he had added a thermalgenic product such as any ephedrine based product, the result would have been about an additional 1-1.5 LBS of "fat" loss per week.

Add some form of interval-anaerobic /aerobic activity 5 times per week for 2030 minutes each session and Frank would be ready in 1 2 weeks easy.

I cannot stress enough the importance of staggered calorie counts. This method prevents the body from adapting too quickly to the diet/calorie deficit protocol. Normally a set calorie deficit will cause a decrease in endogenous thyroid hormone activity. This in turn quickly negatively alters the athlete's BMR.

Obviously, daily calorie counts would be adjusted if fat loss were not within diet protocol parameters. During the first 2 weeks actual weight loss would exceed the 2-3 LB parameter simply due to combined fat and water loss. The body stores 2.5-3 grams of water per gram of glycogen (carbs) stored. So for a natural athlete (which Frank certainly was not) more than 2-3 LBS of actual weight loss weekly is acceptable up to week #3.

However, Frank was chemically enhanced. I will discuss macronutrient parameters later, which have applied to actual natural or chemically enhanced athletes. For now, lets admit that the chemically enhanced have a serious advantage over actual naturals (Yes, there really are some left out there).

By the way, you should realize by now, that basic fat loss occurs at under 10 calories per pound of body weight daily. I just though you might want the actual math practice.

Many bodybuilders employed drugs that significantly effect diet results. Thermalgenics increase the amount of fat calories used to produce heat, thyroid hormones increase BMR, and GH increases the percentage of fat calories utilized for total calorie expenditure.

Add to this the fact that some AAS aid in lean mass retention, or even increase lean mass during contest prep, and you will realize why there are so many pro's on freak status. (Natural my ass!)

How often have you the reader, read that a pro diets on 4500 calories daily? Do the math and you will realize most natural athletes would gain, not lose weight with this daily calorie count. Frank, of course, dieted nicely at higher calories also.

The first priority in a contest prep diet must be protein. After all, the lean mass Frank later exhibited was predominately protein, right? Researchers have proven fat loss will occur if there is an existing calorie deficit.

However, science has also proven that during diet restricted periods, the best lean muscle mass retention requires at least 1 gram of whole complete protein per pound of lean bodyweight daily. For a natural competitor, this would come to 271 grams of good protein daily, resulting in 1084 calories from protein intake alone. The macronutrient percentages would therefore break down like this:

Day #3: 45 % protein, 45% carbs, and 10 % fats. The daily protein intake would remain constant at 271 grams.

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