Absolute Anabolic Phases Example 3b

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INSULIN: Humalog 10 iu 3xd on GH/lnsulin/IGF-1 days and 7 iu 3xd on Insulin/IGF-1 days. The decreased Insulin dosage was due to the combination of IGF-1 and Insulin without GH to aid in mediating their combined hypoglycemic response. (GH is Hyperglycemic) This meant greater metabolism, transport, storage, and utilization of macro and micro nutrients at lower Insulin dosages. Humalog was a short / fast acting Insulin with a greater activity and control capacity.

GROWTH HORMONE (GH): Frank utilized the same dosages and sequence of ramping as explained in Example #3 A.

INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR! (IGF-1): Again the same as Example

#3 A (HCG and T-4 points applied for all 4 examples.)

EXAMPLE #3 C: Frank utilized Humalog or Humulin - R (10 iu 3xd) on GH/lnsulin days or combination: 70 % N/30%R (30 iu 1 xd AM) However, a 1/3 reduction in total daily Insulin dosage and only Humalog or Humulin-R was wise for Frank on IGF-1 /Insulin days.

*The same ramp / dosage issues applied to example #3 C as outlined in Example #3 A.

EXAMPLE #3 D: Go re-read Example #3 A. The issues and dosages applied here as well. We had simply altered the sequence to accommodate training and site localization goals. Cool huh?

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