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Truncated Insulin and Bug Spray = The Poor Mans IGF-1 ?

In the world of the Chemically enhanced athlete exists the really strange truth that someone somewhere has tried it, whatever "it" may be. AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroids)? Yup. Growth Factors? Duh! Bug spray? Oddly enough, yes...and insulin to complete the stack. Why?

Picture an average athlete gaining 20 LBS of lean tissue mass while losing half that amount in adipose tissue without the use of any AAS. Hmmm? Big deal? Have you seen what 20 lbs of lean meat looks like in the grocery store? Now cut away 1 0 lbs of fat and rethink that big deal idea.

Thankfully many athletes have realized that maximum progress occurs due to working with instead of against the body's physiological Action/Reaction Factors. This means a planned protocol that correctly anticipates and responds to the body's negative reactions to chemically induced positive actions. Anything else simply becomes a matter of attempting to maintain a degree of the positive gains achieved through progressive dosages while negative side-effects mount to a chronic level yet unknown. Ponder that as you read on.

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