Using a succession of a 3 weeks high loading phase and a 1 week unloading phase


Loading period

Unloading period

Post-block period

Allowing full recovery after each session

Allowing full recovery after each session

2) Is the 24-48 hours rules applicable to training the same muscles groups or the overall body? If one is to train the lower body on day 1 and upper body on day 2, even if there is less than 48 hours between both workouts is it possible to train with a high quality? You bet your ass that it is! That's why with my athletes I use 4 weekly sessions. Two lower body sessions and two upper body sessions. There is 48-72 hours between both upper body sessions and 48-72 hours between both lower body sessions. However there will still be a systemic fatigue build-up (albeit lower than if you were to train the whole body at each time) which can trigger the rebound adaptation talked about earlier.

A very hot subject in the realm of Irondom is the number of training days per week should you devote to each muscle group when you want to gain as much muscle as possible. Some say train each muscle group once per week, others will say twice and some even recommend training each muscle group three times per week. Who's right? Everybody is! However to progress optimally you must take some precautions when planning training frequency. The precautions will allow you to avoid the various pitfalls that await you.

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