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I have a confession to make: I don't really like being in the gym. That's right, despite the constant attention from the many vixens there and my love for the iron game, I just can't wait to get out of there! That's why I personally love to train twice a day. Wait a minute, you just said that you hated being in the gym, then why train two times in one day? Well, using twice-a-day workouts allow me to use very short sessions each time. I prefer to do the same amount of work (or only slightly more) in two short sessions than in one big workout. There are several advantages to this:

1. It's harder to loose motivation, being in the gym for only 25-30 minutes doesn't give you time to get bored!

2. Your overall work quality is much higher. By splitting your workload in two daily sessions you are fresher for the second half of the workout, which means greater gains.

3. You burn more calories. A recent study by Almuzaini et al. (1998) found that when the same volume of work is divided into two sessions, the total amount of calories burned is greater (mostly due to a higher, more sustained post-exercise oxygen consumption). So for individuals wanting to gain a lot of muscle, this will make it possible to eat more good food without gaining as much fat. And for individuals looking to get ripped, well, the advantage is self-evident!

4. When you perform the same amount of work divided into two sessions you can recover faster from the workload and thus progress at a more rapid pace.

5. Fast-twitch individuals and peoples with an efficient nervous system seem to respond much better to split training than to one, longer session.

6. You can see twice as many vixens in the same day!

Now, twice-a-day sessions seem to be the Holy Grail and in some sense it can be. However it's easy to abuse such a method. Many peoples will make the mistake of actually doubling their workload, doing two big sessions instead of two small ones. This is one of the fastest ways to stagnation. When doing twice-a-day sessions the first workout should be no longer than 30-40 minutes and the second one between 20 and 30 minutes in length.

Another classic mistake is to work on the same physiological facet in both sessions. To make the most out of twice-a-day sessions you should vary the type of demand you place on your body. I found that having a functional emphasis in the morning session and a structural emphasis in the evening session to be the best way to train.

A final mistake that peoples make is to work different body parts on each of the two sessions of a same day. This is a mistake. All it does is actually reduce the recovery time that each muscle group receives (each muscle's turn comes back faster). Furthermore, since you only use a very low volume of work at each session, doing different body parts on each session will actually reduce the training effect.

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