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I'm suggesting an 8 weeks bench press specialization course. During that time bench pressing is going to be your number one priority. You will obviously perform other types of training, but mostly to maintain strength and size while blasting off your bench press.

The week is going to start and end with a bench press workout. The first workout of the week will be a high intensity session since your nervous system and muscles will be fresh from the weekend. The last workout of the week will be a high volume session to promote maximum supercompensation during the weekend.

On the bench press day, the triceps, pectorals and shoulders will be worked. So that leaves either 1 or 2 workouts to do back, biceps, abs and lower body.

The split might look like this:

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Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

The Tabata workout system is a version of the High Intensity Interval Training program developed by Professor Izumi Tabata as training for Olympic speed skaters in 1996. The results studies conducted on the training program confirm that even a four minute cardiovascular exercise routine improves a persons level of fitness.

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