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This test is hard to administer on yourself because you know what is being tested and that can influence your results. However it is a good subjective test to perform on others. Have an athlete test on the vertical jump. Tell him that he can dip as low as he wants; the goal is to jump as high as possible. The athlete will think that you are testing his vertical jump capacities while you are really testing his dipping depth.

The actual result of the jump is without much consequence for this test. What you look for is the degree of knee flexion on the dip before the vertical jump. The deeper or the slower the dipping phase, the more slow-twitch dominant an athlete is. The shallower or the faster the dipping phase, the more fast-twitch dominant an athlete is.

Use the table to get a good idea of the fiber makeup of the individual:

Characteristics of the dipping phase

Fiber dominance

Very long dip (past parallel) + Slow dip

+ Slow turnaround between dip and jumping

Slow-twitch very dominant

Long dip (hips and knee in the same line)

+ Slow dip + Slow turnaround

Slow-twitch dominant

Moderate-to-long dip + Average speed dip + Relatively rapid turnaround

Equal ratio

Short dip (45 degrees knee flexion) + Fast dip

+ Rapid turnaround

Fast-twitch dominant

Very short dip (less than 45 degrees knee flexion) + Very fast dip + Very rapid turnaround

Fast-twitch very dominant

Obviously this later test is not perfect as it only tests the lower body. However studies have found a very strong relationship between overall (or average for the whole body) fiber dominance and the results of this test. It certainly won't hurt to add it to the 80% reps test to get an even better idea of the fiber dominance of an athlete.

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