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We know that slow and fast training can have drastically different training effects. And we also know that light and heavy loads promote different adaptations. Fast training has a more important neuromotor component than slow training and heavy training increases strength more so than light training. In the old school method an athlete/bodybuilder would alternate periods of various types of training to develop his power, size and strength. Well, by combining explosive reps with heavy, slow reps and light slow reps you can get it all in one time!

Furthermore, we also know that fast and slow exercises can lead to the recruitment of different muscles. An article by Dr.Tim Ziegenfuss (Short Topics no.2, T-mag issue 228) demonstrated how a fast curl increases biceps activation twice as much as the brachialis' while a slow rep will have the opposite activation pattern.

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Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

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