So what does that tell us

1. If the tension is too low during an exercise, even when performed at a high volume, it will not lead to much in the way of size or strength gains.

2. If the volume is too low, even if the tension is very high, it will not give you much size or strength gains.

3. Ideally you want to maximize tension by using either a heavy weight, or lifting the load as fast as possible while lowering it slowly.

4. If you select a load that you can do for 1-5 reps, you must do more sets to get a strong growth stimulus.

Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

The Tabata workout system is a version of the High Intensity Interval Training program developed by Professor Izumi Tabata as training for Olympic speed skaters in 1996. The results studies conducted on the training program confirm that even a four minute cardiovascular exercise routine improves a persons level of fitness.

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