Short topics

- Pre- and post-workout nutrition to maximize the training effect

- Posing to get lean and gain muscle control

- Post-tetanic potentiation

- Running for losing: 3 effective fat loss strategies

- Swinging into condition

This chapter includes topics I either left out of this book, or those that did not warrant a full chapter or section, yet are still worth talking about. It's also an easier way to finish your journey through the lair of the Ice Dog, hopefully giving you a positive outlook on it all. I'll talk about a lot of different stuff that is not directly related, but those of you who like it short and sweet will find this chapter very refreshing.

Workout Plans You Can Do Today

Workout Plans You Can Do Today

Workout Plans that You Can Start Right Here, Right Now. If you want to get in shape, tone up, trim down, or even just boost your fitness and stamina levels, well, youre at exactly the right place to start. But getting into a workout plan isnt the easiest thing in the world. If youve tried to exercise before and found that you things didnt work out for you, then youll undoubtedly already know that there are many ways in which things could go wrong.

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