Rectus femoris

The rectus femoris is a hip flexor and a knee extensor. So its extensibility is tested during hip extension and knee flexion.

Test: The test is a modified Thomas test. So it is the same procedure as the iliopsoas test, except that only the upper portion of the tested leg is on the table; the lower portion hangs freely at the end of the table, which will lead to an automatic passive knee flexion.

Results: If we have a normal extensibility of the rectus femoris, the angle between the lower and upper leg will be around 80 degrees. If we have an hypo-extensibility the lower leg will rise somewhat (extension at the knee) and if we have an hyper-extensibility the hanging lower leg will be loose and you will be able to create an additional passive knee flexion without causing an increase in muscle tension.

Normal rectus femoris extensibility

Rectus femoris hypo-extensibility

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