Biarticular portion of the hamstrings

The biceps femoris (long head), the semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus are hip extensors and knee flexors. So we test them by doing a passive hip flexion with the leg extended at the knee.

Test: The subject is lying on his back, both legs on the table, the lower back is flat on the table at all times. While keeping the leg fully extended at the knee, the coach lifts the tested leg (doing a passive hip flexion). It is important that the lower back stays on the table at all times and that the hips also remain stable.

Results: Normal extensibility is characterized by an angle of 80-90 degrees between the leg and table. Over 100 degrees would be considered to be hyper-extensibility and under 70-80 degrees would be considered hypo-extensibility.

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