Table 82 Recommended Calisthenics for Physical Training

Name of Exercise

Description of Exercise

Muscle Group(s)

Elbow to Knee/ Cross Overs

A 2-count exercise. Lie on back with hands clasped behind head. Legs can be bent at knees (feet on deck), with one leg crossed over knee of opposite leg or bent with knees toward chest (feet elevated from deck). Slowly lift and twist torso bringing one shoulder toward knee of opposite leg. Engaging obliques requires rotation to start immediately at beginning of exercise, not at top. Return to starting position. Perform exercise by turning torso to both left and right knees.

Abdominals and obliques

Hip Rollers

A 2-count exercise. Lie on back with legs bent and elevated off deck, slowly bring both knees down together on one side until low back begins to lift off deck. Bring knees back to starting position, then repeat on other side.


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