Muscle Groups

Upper Back Stretch

While standing or seated, extend and clasp arms together in front of body turning palms outward and pressing forward until shoulders and back are rounded.

Posterior shoulders, upper back, and triceps muscles

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Bring arm that is to be stretched across chest. Use opposite arm to pull arm being stretched toward chest until stretch is felt in posterior shoulder.

Posterior shoulder muscles

Forearm/Wrist Stretch

Begin with knees and hands on deck, wrists turned so fingertips are pointing toward knees, thumbs to outside. Keep palms flat, and lean back, stretching front part of forearm.

Forearm and wrist muscles

Triceps Stretch

Standing erect, bring arm to be stretched up and back so that elbow is pointing toward sky and hand rests between shoulder blades. Gently pull arm toward midline behind head to stretch triceps muscle. NOTE: To extend stretch down side of body, bend to opposite side of arm being stretched.

Triceps muscles

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