Muscle Groups

Hurdlers Stretch (Quadriceps)

Sit with one leg bent and tucked under hips so that heel lies just outside hip; the other leg may be bent or straight. Foot should be extended straight back (not flared out to one side). Slowly, lean back until stretch is felt in top of bent leg. NOTE: To stretch upper thigh and hip flexors, tighten buttocks and lift hips on side of leg that is tucked under while performing this stretch. Bending front leg can provide a further stretch.


3 Way Hurdler's Stretch -(Hamstring)

From a sitting position, extend one leg out while tucking other in front of hips with knee pointing outward. Bend torso forward toward deck keeping back straight, stretching muscles of inner thigh. Hold stretch and return to starting position. Next, turn torso toward knee of extended leg, and bend over from waist. Keeping back straight, bring chest toward knee while stretching muscles in back of leg. Return to starting position. Using arm opposite extended leg reach up and over while bending body to side. Keeping back straight, bring shoulder toward knee while reaching with opposite arm toward foot of extended leg. Stretch should be felt on side of torso and hamstrings.

Leg flexors, leg adductors, and side of body

Seated Head to Knee (Sitting Hamstring)

From a sitting position, extend the legs forward and bend the torso toward the knees, stretching the back of the legs. Keep knees slightly bent and the back flat throughout.

Leg flexors

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