Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

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Standing or Prone Quad Stretch

While standing, bend one leg back toward buttocks stretching front of bent leg. Use hand on same side as bent leg to hold stretch.Tilting pelvis forward will engage hip flexor. Knees should be kept parallel, underneath hips. This exercise may also be performed while lying face down (prone) on deck.

Leg extensors and hip flexors

Shin/Quad Stretch

Begin kneeling on deck, toes pointed straight back, palms on deck. Slowly lower hips toward heels until tightness is felt in quads and shins. If unable to rest hips on heels, place hands on outside of legs and support body weight with arms. If more stretch is needed, place hands behind feet and lean slightly back, supporting body weight with arms.

Shins, ankles, and quadriceps

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