Interval Sets Strength and Power

Freestyle Swim: 10 x 50 m with 30 sec. rest

♦ Begin at a strong pace. Build to race pace with a strong turn and an extra strong finish. Try to be within 5 seconds of your race 50 meters pace, usually equal to your race 200 meter pace.

♦ At first, try just 5 x 50 meters with 30 second rest.

♦ This is the most power-oriented freestyle set. It will also allow you to discover your true maximal heart rate. If you start to die off at the end, increase your rest a little to keep your pace.

♦ If you are particularly strong and want to build more speed, do this set with zoomers.

Freestyle Swim: 10 x 100 m with 45 sec. rest

♦ Same pace approach as the 50 meter interval set. This is for advanced swimmers with a refined stroke. It will build power, but this set should be used no more than once every two weeks.

♦ The rest interval should be 45 seconds for this length of swim; adjust your interval accordingly.

Breaststroke Swim: 10 x 50 m with 30 sec. rest

♦ Like backstroke, work on hard swimming with about 30 seconds of rest. Breaststroke is very taxing when done hard but like bicycling it is easy to throttle back and have the appearance without the substance.

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