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The authors would like to recognize the invaluable contributions to the development of this guide by the following individuals. CAPT Kenneth Long participated in both panel reviews and provided useful suggestions and comments. His meticulous work was greatly appreciated by all. CAPT Peter Toennies reviewed and provided substantive comments about the chapter "Swimming for Fitness". Mr. Jeremy Levine and Ms. Brandi Schoeber provided information about strength training.

Importantly, we were extremely fortunate to receive valuable input from several SEALs throughout the development of this guide. ENS Frances Franky and BM1 George Vernia participated in the first panel review and their suggestions were incorporated in the second draft of the manual. BM1 Vernia helped organize and participated in the second and final panel review. Other SEAL panel reviewers included CW03 John Shellnut, Master Chief Bob Bender, LCDR Pat Butler, and BMCS Duane Noel. Each one of these SEALs provided suggestions and practical recommendations which were instrumental in the finalization of the uThe Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide".

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