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Table 2-2.--Minimum PFT Classification Scores.

4. PFT scores will be entered into the MCTFS and on FitRpts per paragraph 2203 in this chapter.

2201. ALTITUDE 3.0 MILE RUN. Marines permanently assigned or on TAD to locations at or above 4500 feet above sea level will have adjusted run times. The altitude 3.0 mile run point values are contained in appendix H. Commands are directed to provide newly joined Marines a 30-day acclimation period prior to conducting a semi-annual PFT. Marines scheduled to report to a command at altitude in June or December will complete their PFTs prior to reporting.

2202. PARTIAL PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (PPFT). Marines who are medically excused from performing a particular event of the PFT as certified by a MO (e.g., light or TLD), are required to perform a PPFT. The PPFT requires that Marines complete two of the three PFT events. Marines will be required to obtain at least the minimum acceptable performance requirements for the two events, as well as earn the additional points needed to achieve a 3rd Class or better. Event times/repetitions will be awarded points the same way the PFT awards points; reference appendix G to view the scoring table. As with a PFT, failure to meet the minimum requirements in either event constitutes a test failure. Reference table 2-1 to view the minimum acceptable performance requirements for each event.

1. Reporting a. The PFT and Body Composition Worksheet will indicate the event not taken and whether a light duty, TLD, or PLD status was the reason for the PPFT.

b. No numerical score or classification will be administered for PPFTs.

c. LCpls and Cpls requiring a composite score will use the score (points) received from the last semi-annual PFT for the event missed.

d. PPFT scores will be entered on the Unit Diary and FitRpt per paragraph 2203.

2. Post-Light or Limited Duty PFT. Marines have the option to either keep the PPFT score taken for the current semi-annual period or to conduct a PFT (e.g., for promotion purposes) after being returned to full duty. The Marine will be given a minimum of 3 0 days and no more than 90 days to complete the PFT. This score will replace the PPFT taken during the waiver period. This is the only time a retest score will be used to replace a previous entry (partial) reported in MCTFS; this is not considered a remedial score.

3. Consecutive PPFTs. Marines who take PPFTs for two consecutive semi-annual periods, for the same injury or illness, will be referred to a MO and processed for a medical board. A MEB, PEB, or both will be conducted in order to determine the Marine's fitness for duty, per reference (i).

2203. ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES 1. PFT/PPFT Recording a. Unit Diary. Only when the command declares that the PFT scheduled is for the semi-annual requirement, will scores be reported by a Unit Diary entry and entered in the MCTFS, per reference (e). Only one PFT score will be reported on the Unit Diary per semi-annual period. No retest or remedial PFT scores will be recorded on the Unit Diary. PFTs taken for inventory purposes, such as a Marine reporting into a new unit or school, or taken for screening checklist purposes, will not be reported on the Unit Diary. In addition, PFT scores conducted for unit PT or for Remedial Physical Conditioning Program (RPCP) testing may not be used (or replace a score for) the semi-annual requirement.

b. FitRpt. All PFT score reporting will be done per reference (d), paragraph 4003.8b.

(1) Semi-annual PFT scores will be recorded in section A, "Administrative Information," under "Special Information" in block 8b.

(2) Mandatory comments will be made in section I, "Directed & Additional Comments," for the following circumstances:

(a) Superior Performance. Score of 285 and above.

(b) Not Medically Qualified (NMED). Limited duty status. Refer to paragraph 2300.3 for further details.

(c) PPFT. Sgts and above that have been granted a medical excuse by a MO, and who complete and pass a PPFT will have PART entered in block 8b, section A of their FitRpt. A brief explanation of the necessity for the PPFT, (e.g., TLD or PLD must be included in section I. A failed PPFT will be reported the same as for the PFT.

(d) PFT/PPFT Failure. A PFT/PPFT failure requires that Sgts and above receive an adverse FitRpt at the end of the next reporting period. In the case where a Marine does not have a reporting period until after the next semi-annual PFT, the previous PFT failure must be recorded on that FitRpt report, regardless of the performance on the more recent one.

(e) Required but Did Not Take (RDNT). A RDNT requires Sgts and above receive an adverse FitRpt. RDNT will be recorded in block 8b, section A and an explanation must be included in section I of the FitRpt.

(3) Height and weight measurements (and percent body fat, when necessary) will be transcribed from the PFT and Body Composition Worksheet for that reporting period.

c. Proficiency/Conduct (PRO/CON) Marks. Any Marine ranked Cpl or below, will receive commensurate PRO/CON marks for superior performance, PFT failure, or RDNT per reference (g), para 4005.

d. Page 11 SRB/OQR Entries. Page 11 entries are not required for Marines who fail a PFT/PPFT or for when a PFT/PPFT is RDNT.

2. PFT/PPFT Failures a. Promotion/Reenlistment/Special Schools. Marines may be denied promotion, reenlistment, and/or special schools until they pass a PFT and fulfill all RPCP requirements. See paragraphs 1204 and 6009.2.e of reference (j).

b. Administrative Separation. Marines may be subject to administrative separation, per chapter 6 of reference (h), paragraphs 6105 and 6206, for the following circumstances:

(1) Unsatisfactory Performance. Repetitive PFT failures, due to lack of physical conditioning, displays poor self-discipline in a Marine's responsibility to maintain fitness standards.

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