General Information

1. Purpose. While units are responsible for testing their Marines for combat fitness and readiness as it pertains to their unit's mission, the PFT provides an instrument that measures the collective level of physical fitness Marine Corps wide. It is a measurement of general fitness vice combat readiness and unit/MOS capability. The PFT consists of three events: male Marines will perform dead-hang pull-ups, abdominal crunches, and a 3.0 mile run; and female Marines will complete the flexed-arm hang, abdominal crunches, and a 3.0 mile run. These events are designed to test the strength and stamina of the upper body, midsection, and lower body, as well as the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

2. Personnel to be Tested. Units will administer the PFT semi-annually (calendar year) for score to all active duty Marines, regardless of age, gender, grade, or duty assignment.

a. PFT Not Required. The condition when a Marine will not be required to conduct a semi-annual PFT:

(1) Personnel on duty in a combat zone; the semi-annual PFT may be waived until their return from the combat zone.

(2) Pregnant Marines medically waived from taking a PFT.

(3) Marines in a light duty or limited duty status, restricting them from participating in the PFT or Partial PFT (PPFT). (Appropriate documentation by a Medical Officer (MO), that assigns light duty or directs a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) action, is mandatory.)

(4) Marines awaiting separation based on a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). Reference paragraph 2302 for further details.

b. PFT Requirement for End of Active Service (EAS)/Retirement

(1) Marines are required to take the PFT during the semi-annual period preceding their EAS or retirement date, unless directed by their CO. This date is not the date that terminal leave begins.

For example, a Marine whose EAS or retirement date is September, but is commencing terminal leave in June, will be required to take the semi-annual PFT for the January-June period. This Marine is not required to take the semiannual PFT for the July-December period.

(2) Retirement/EAS Final Physical Examination. Completion of the required final physical examination, regardless of when it is completed, does not exempt a Marine from taking the PFT. A Marine, who elects to complete their final physical examination 7-12 months prior to EAS or retirement, will still be required to take the semi-annual PFT for that period.

For example, a Marine who completes the final physical in March, but does not EAS or retire until October, will still be required to take the semi-annual PFT for the January-June period.

c. Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR). Reserve Marines are required to conduct an annual PFT for score. Reserve Marines on Active Duty Special Work (ADSW) orders for 3 0 days or more, can conduct their annual PFT with that unit. All scores are good for 2 years (for cutting score purposes only), if training does not permit testing.


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