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Many people think snacking is unhealthy and leads to weight gain because many people don't eat healthy snacks! If you enjoy snacking and you want to maintain your body weight and perform well, then selecting healthy snacks is critical. Think through a typical day. How often and where do you usually snack? Are your snacks healthy or loaded with extra kcals? Follow these tips to help promote healthy snacking! (Snacks should not replace a meal.)

♦ Choose foods such as fruits, vegetables, plain popcorn, dried fruits, whole grain crackers, pretzels, cereal snack mixes, unsweetened fruit juices, fresh produce, and low-fat yogurt.

♦ Snack on fresh fruits or vegetables with low-fat peanut butter or low-fat cheese spreads.

♦ If you must have candy, choose one that is high in CHO and as low in fat as possible.

Many people replace high-fat snacks with the low-fat alternatives in an attempt to lower their total fat intake. Be cautious, however, because even low-fat snacks can lead to weight gain and increases in body fat when too many kcals are consumed. Remember: low-fat does not mean low in kcals, so do not over eat!

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