Morale During Deployment

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Although confined spaces can limit your training options and make you feel less than enthusiastic to train, you need to remain physically active. Stopping all physical training results in a rapid decline in muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning (see Chapter 4). One option to boost morale and increase participation in physical training during deployment is to help organize and participate in team competitions such as mini-triathlons (perform any three aerobic exercises back-to-back for the best time) and sports days.

Finally, you may feel that the biggest barrier to working out when deployed is time limitations. In actuality, it requires less time to maintain fitness levels than to increase fitness levels. Though not ideal, you can maintain your fitness level by working at your usual intensity fewer times per week and for shorter durations than what is required to improve your fitness level. A minimum of one strength session, which includes exercises for all the major muscle groups (1 set of 8-12 repetitions), and two 20-minute aerobic sessions, within your target heart rate zone, per week will allow you to maintain your current fitness level. Though this limited amount of training is not ideal for your overall fitness, it is much better than not performing any exercise at all. Remember, detraining occurs rapidly when all training is stopped (see Chapter 4).

Nutrition for Exercise

physical performance is greatly influenced

In this chapter you will learn about:

Dietary practices for enhancing endurance and strength performance.

♦ Dietary measures for exercise recovery.

by regular conditioning and by following sound dietary practices. Both prolonged aerobic exercise and multiple bouts of high intensity exercise impose significant demands on energy and fluid balance. Failure to replace energy and fluids used during exercise can significantly impair performance in later activities.

The following recommendations are for an individual who regularly participates in at least 90 minutes of aerobic exercise each day or in multiple, strenuous bouts of exercise several times a week. This information does not apply if you exercise less than one hour per day.

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