On many occasions you may find yourself eating away from home. Following the dietary guidelines when dining out is a very important aspect of optimizing your health, fitness, and performance.

On average, Americans eat 1 of 3 meals away from home each day.

Tips for Eating Out

Order foods high in complex CHO (see Chapter 2, page 7).

On average, Americans eat 1 of 3 meals away from home each day.

Choose foods that are baked, broiled, steamed, poached, smoked, roasted, grilled, flame-cooked, or marinara.

Order sauces and dressings "on the side."

Trim all visible fat off the meat.

Order a salad as your appetizer.

Order dessert after you have eaten your main course and only if you are still hungry.

Limit alcohol consumption.

Avoid foods that are fried, breaded, battered, flaky, crispy, creamy, au gratin, puffed, loaded, or tempura. Also, avoid hollandaise and bearnaise sauces.

Many restaurants have a listing of the nutritional content of their foods available on request, even fast food restaurants. More information can be found at the USDA's web site at: http:\\

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