Write It Down

During your Power Factor Training workouts, you will record on the Workout Record form the time, sets, reps, and weights that you lifted. After you perform a workout, record your results for each individual exercise and your overall workout performance on the Exercise/Workout Performance Record form.

The only calculation you need to carry out on the Exercise/Workout Performance Record forms is the percentage of change from workout to workout. To find the percentage of change, use this simple method:

Use the Workout Record form to record the time, sets, reps, and weights you lifted

1. New Number - Old Number - Difference

For example, suppose your Power Factor goes from 1,675 to 1,890. Find the percentage of change:


■ Exercise:


Tool Weigh!

Row Pa«*

% Clung*

Paw IrOsi

-»or -C--anco

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