Understanding the Fundamentals

As this priming of Power Factor Training goes to press, at least twenty thousand athletes and body' builders in fifty-eight countries are training with this system and achieving their best results ever. What exactly is Power Factor Training? How did it originate? And why is it so effective?

To provide answers to these questions, we must begin by explaining the very nature of the muscle growth process. To begin with, muscle growth is a product of hypertrophy, or the enlarging of existing muscle cells. This was established about a hundred years ago by the research of Morpurgo and has been reaffirmed conclusively ever since.1 The process of hypertrophy is one of muscular adaptation to imposed overload and occurs only through an increase in the cross-sectional area of a muscle's fibers. The task of causing muscle to grow can only be triggered by overloading a muscle. That's why we lift weights.

Power Factor Training provides you with a means to measure the effectiveness of any individual exercise.

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This book is dedicated to every bodybuilder and athlete who has an inquiring, rational mind; to every person who can throw off the chains of comfortable habit and unfmtven premises and move in a new direction that is guided by reason and observational evidence, no matter where that direction takes him; to every person who tries a thing and immediately thinks, "How can I make this better?"; to every person who is unafraid to challenge the false beliefs of the herd and lead others out of the caves and into the light.

In the parlance of bodybuilding, it is the people with these "genes " who are truly the greatest champions of the human race. To these people, not just in the science of human strength but in every science, we owe our enormous gratitude.

Power Facror Training will provide you with a simple method to quantify the amount of muscular overload that you generate with every exercise and every workout. It will provide you with a means to measure the effectiveness of any individual exercise. Perhaps most important, it will provide a means to completely avoid overtraining and to ensure that every workout is productive. That degree of precision is unheard of in bodybuilding. In the past, trainees just adopted a training method that sounded good, followed it for several weeks or months, then attempted to subjectively assess whether it had worked. Most methods did not.

Power Factor Training works in 100 percent of cases because it strictly obeys the two fundamentals of muscle growth: high intensity of muscular overload and progressive overload. It obeys these in every exercise and in every workout. In any human of normal, healthy physiology, regardless of age or gender, following these two fundamentals will lead to bigger, stronger muscles.

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