Strong Range Partials Why Theyre So Effective

Anybody who's been involved in bodybuilding for any length of time will tell you that nothing builds thick, powerful pectorals like the bench press and that no other exercise is quite as effective as the Olympic press for building massive, powerful shoulders. After all, they are among the most basic of bodybuilding exercises. However, it is also known that the greatest development of these muscles comes about only from using very heavy exercising poundages.

As a result, the perennial question posed in the quest for bigger, more powerful muscles is, How can 1 continually handle more weight? The answer is found in the technique of maximum-overload partials—partial repetitions performed in the muscle's strongest range of motion. These are the cornerstone of Power Factor Training.

Among strength athletes and weightlifters of renown, num> have used the technique o/fwr-ual repetitions

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Natural Weight Loss

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