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One of the most powerful aspects of Power Factor Training is its capability to permit you to plan a workout ahead of time in order to achieve a target goal. The calculations necessary to do this are still fairly simple, and


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we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the technique, as it is the key to guaranteeing that every workout is effective, efficient, and progressive. As you do so, keep in mind that the two keys to maximum overload are total weight and time. Those are the only two factors that you will adjust in your workouts.

For example, using the bench press numbers from the Workout Record entry on page 26, we see that the total weight lifted was 13,040 pounds, and the Power Factor was 1,581 pounds per minute. You can find the time it took you to perform this exercise by looking at the Workout Record or by dividing the total weight by the Power Factor (1 3,040 1,581 - 8.25). Now, suppose you set a goal of achieving a 20 percent increase in your total weight and a 10 percent increase in your Power Factor the next time you perform the bench press. Simply follow these steps:

1. Add 20 percent to 13,040 pounds (13,040 x 1.20 = 15,648).

2. Add 10 percent to 1,581 pounds per minute (1,581 x 1.10 = 1,739).

3. Divide the goal total weight by the goal Power Factor. Your result is the time (in minutes) allowed to perform the lifting (15,648 - 1,739 = 9.00).

As a result of having made these simple calculations, you now know exactly what you have to do in your next workout to ensure that your muscular output (overload) is higher: you have to lift 15,650 pounds in 9 minutes (see table). You can achieve your goal total weight simply by increasing your bench press Power Factor (pounds per minute) by adding an extra set or more reps to each set or by using a heavier weight so that the total will be 15,650 pounds. As you work out, keep an eye on your stopwatch to ensure that you don't go over the 9 minutes you've set as your target time, and you will he certain that your Power Factor and Power Index have increased.

Here is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Ideally, no two workouts should ever be the same, because each time you return to the gym, you are a different man (or woman). If your last workout was properly engineered, it stimulated muscle growth, and if you allowed yourself the required time for recovery and growth, you are a stronger person when you return to the gym. Therefore, performing the same workout as last time is useless. Since your muscles are now capable of more output, the old workout will not trigger any growth




Total Weight

Power Factor





Performance 13.040



Goal 15.650



response. Get it? That's what progressive overload is all about. Do the same workout every time, and you get nowhere; engineer an ever-increasing overload, and you get steadily stronger. The "engineering" is done with the Power Factor and Power Index numbers.

Goals can be set for one or all exercises you perform and for your total workout as well. It is difficult to overstate the tremendous value of this ability to plan every workout to ensure that it is productive. This is the element of Power Factor Training that creates its efficiency and is the reason that such a high percentage of its trainees can work out once a week or less and still see consistent improvement all the way to the optimum-level muscularity that they desire. Every workout is a positive step toward the trainee's ultimate goal. Compare this to the old systems of everyone following a prescribed chart of exercises for six weeks, then switching to another chart for six more weeks, and so on, with every trainee using the same daily schedule and repetition schemes regardless of the huge amount of variation among individuals (remember the sweet spot?). Power Factor Training gives you the ability to engineer every workout that you perform to be maximally productive for your particular physiology.

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