Muscle Growth As Systemic Not Localized

Much of the confusion that has arisen in the realm of strength training has resulted from the belief that the muscle growth process is a localized rather than systemic phenomenon. This notion is erroneous, however. In fact, the central nervous system (CNS) triggers the growth process, a process that cannot be called into play by the isolated and protracted performance of highly repetitive tasks that are well within the body's existing muscular capacity. Growth is systemic, and the trigger mechanism that signals the body to grow can only be turned on by a call to arms from the CNS.

Growth isn't easy; it must literally be forced. Such being the case, how does one force growth with light weights or mild exertion? The answer is, One can t—at least not without steroids and growth drugs.

Muscle growth isn't easy. It must literally be forced.
Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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    What is systemic muscle growth?
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