Getting Enough Calories For Growth To Take Place

For practical purposes, the majority of trainees already eat more than they need to grow 10 pounds of muscle a year anyway. That's why so few of us have ultra-low bodyfat

Never, never forget that the first requisite for muscle growth is to trigger the growth response through training.

(what we call being "ripped"). Most of us are actually eating too many calories as it is.

If you're not growing muscular mass now and you're eating suff iciently, what's the reason you're not growing? Answer: You're not stimulating growth in your training sessions. In short, you're not training with sufficient progressive muscular overload. Incidentally, very rarely is the answer to a muscular growth problem nutritional, particularly in North America, because almost everybody eats more than adequately.

We're not suggesting that you count your calories this exactly every day to make sure that you grow just muscular mass. What we're trying to point out by doing this arithmetic is that you don't have to force-feed yourself hundreds or even thousands of extra calories a day or hundreds of extra grams of protein. The notion that doing so will hasten the muscle growth process is simply mistaken.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

I already know two things about you. You are an intelligent person who has a weighty problem. I know that you are intelligent because you are seeking help to solve your problem and that is always the second step to solving a problem. The first one is acknowledging that there is, in fact, a problem that needs to be solved.

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