Body Structure And Your Potential For Power

If you can visualize your body as a building, you'll get a better idea of the importance of its connective tissue. Like any structure, the human body is closely knit and of many parts. The muscles serve to move the joints and keep the body upright and in balance. The muscles are composed of microscopic bundles of tissue, bound together or enclosed by a white substance known as fascia. It is this connective tissue that gives the muscles their tensile strength. The muscle mass is enclosed on the outside in a strong sheath of this fascia. At the end of the muscle mass, the fascia become a tendon, itself attached to other connective tissue or bones. Every internal organ is covered with connective tissue, and its strength determines the quality or standard of performance of any athlete, for it is this tissue that is usually injured in athletic accidents.

Obviously, then, the more effort the bodybuilder or weightlifter takes to make this connective tissue stronger, the more powerful the muscles are going to be, especially in movements and positions that require strength to support or handle extremely heavy poundages. The more powerful the tendons and ligaments become, the less risk there is of suffering any severe muscle strain, tear, or other ligament or tendon injuries. Developing stronger ligaments, tendons, and joints through Power Factor Training opens the door to strength gains beyond the realm of most athletes' wildest expectations.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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