Flutter Kick

Position: Lie on your back with the hands beneath the buttocks, Action: Alternately raise and lower the legs, keeping the knees the head raised, and the knees slightly bent. slightly bent and the feet elevated 6 to 18 inches above the floor.

To do the flutter kick to cadence, do one repetition per count. Use a moderate cadence.


Position: Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the Action: Bend at the knees, lean slightly forward at the waist with hips, the thumbs in the small of the back, and the elbows back. the head up, and slide the hands along the outside of the legs

until the extended fingers reach the top of the boots or the middle of the lower leg. (2) Recover to the start position. (3) Repeat action 1. (4) Repeat action 2. Use a moderate cadence.

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