Praise for Pavel Tsatsoulines Beyond Stretching

"Pavel is the leading proponent of applied flexibility training for bodybuilding and strength athletics at work in the field today. His ideas are dynamic and fresh, he razes the sacred temples and shows the serious-minded fitness devotee another avenue of improvement. Real knowledge for real people interested in real progress."

—Marty Gana^her, / a:tor, Farrmo Fretormance Fress, health ana fitness commnist, Washington Wona Masters Fowernttmg champion

"The foremost authority, critic, and writer in the emerging "science of flexibility" is a Russian physiologist, Pavel Tsatsouline. His book Beyond Stretching is without question the definitive text on the subject. It is MUST READING for every athlete.. .YOU HAVE TO GET A COPY OF IT!" —.juaa Biasiotto, Fh.D., Fowernttmg USA, Immij a war a winner, sports psychologist ana writer, Four-time FowernHmg Hon a Recora hoiaer

"Pavel has great ideas on flexibility and strength exercises. We agree on all aspects of flexibility."

"As an athlete, a coach, and a strength trainer who has personally done it all in the sports world from martial arts to the NFL, I have always experimented on me first when I read something as radical as Beyond Stretching. When I went into my first, full-to-the-floor splits in ten years, after just three weeks, I realized why this Russian was so cocky. It's because he is so damned right" — Carter Stamm, New Orleans, LA

"Here are a book and video that present a revolutionary Russian system of stretching that's easy to do and get results fast.

I wrote in my review of Pavel Tsatsouline's book Power to the People!: Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American that Pavel's methods get results while violating many of the "truths" that have been held as sacred for so long in the world of strength development.

In Beyond Stretching: Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs, he again offers result-producing methods, this time for increasing flexibility, while again violating what has been held as truths ever since you were in grade school gym class. Pavel's writing style is no nonsense, efficient and quite often funny. If you are looking to be coddled, you won't get it from him. He tells you when something is tough and then he tells you to do it any way. The beauty of it is when you do what he says, you will begin seeing progress in a couple of weeks.

I have been training in the martial arts for nearly 36 years and, as such, stretching exercises have been part of my regular routine. As a result, I'm more flexible than the average guy. After reading this book and viewing the video, I tried four of Pavel's exercises. Three weeks later, my flexibility had improved by about 20 percent. At this rate, I figure I'll be able to scratch my head with my big toe in a couple more months.

—Loren fi. chnstensen, author of The Fighter's Fact Book, Fighting Power a n Speed Training

"This is the only really interesting book on stretching I've encountered. Pavel's ideas are radical, but sensible if you think them through and apply them carefully.

His joint mobility drills alone are worth the price. Much of this book is geared towards the elite athlete who is already far along the learning curve. Nevertheless, as a reasonably in shape middle-aged guy with increasingly creaky joints, I found this book to be an invaluable resource. Buy the book and the video. You'll get your money's worth." —Kenneth ft. Robinson

"Pavel's stretching protocol should be considered the first, last, and only choice for athletes, full-contact fighters, and sedentary folks alike for achieving maximum results in minimal time. This system actually teaches you how to reset the neuro-muscular control of your muscles! No kidding, by following the specialized methods in this book, even an untrained, middle aged man can achieve FULL SPLITS in less than half a year... fighters will learn specialized kicking drills and "dynamic flexibility" drills that greatly improve the velocity and destructive power of your kicks while at the same time protecting the knee ligaments from injury—even if you miss a full-power kick!

I am shocked and amazed at the quality of the results that his training methods have produced for me. And in so little time! There is something here for everyone, and I give this book (and all Pavel's books) my highest recommendation. Truly, a masterpiece that belongs in every athlete's collection."

"This book is well written (even a little funny!) and has some great info about stretching. It dispels a lot of classic stretching myths and gives some good solid approaches to achieving better flexibility. It's helping me become more flexible a lot faster than I was progressing using the "classical" approach. It's a must for martial artists! Check it out."

"Lots of useful information on improving flexibility and avoiding injury. I like Pavel's no-nonsense writing style. I got immediate benefits from reading it!" — 3m Gnus, Boston, MA

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Dear Comrade:

The readers of my earlier work Beyond Stretching have reported great gains in their flexibility. They also noted that some of the exercises were not very user-friendly and were difficult to organize into a personal program.

Not any more.

In the three years since the release of Beyond Stretching I have given many flexibility seminars to a variety of groups, ranging from mere mortals to elite martial artists and SWAT officers. However, I did not just teach, I also learned from my students. I presented a large volume of material from a great variety of sources and countries. The information ranged from the latest academic research, to the intuitive discoveries of esoteric martial arts.

I watched what clicked and ruthlessly eliminated the exercises and techniques that were either difficult to learn or less than maximally effective. The result is

Relax into Stretch: Instant Flexibility through Mastering Muscle Tension, your friendly new shortcut to having the flexibility of a mutant.

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