It Has Never Been So Easy to Have Ungodly Abs

Item # P9 The Ab Pavelizer


1. The Ab Pavelizer easily fits under a door, allowing you to perform a partner-free Janda sit up.

NOTE: Each Ab Pavelizer comes with "under door" attachability, Olympic plate adapter, bungee cord and handles.

2. Slide on a simple attachment (included), when you want to stabilize your Ab Pavelizer with a thirty-to-fifty pound Olympic plate. (You will need to supply your own plate)

3. The Ab Pavelizer, ready to use with an Olympic plate. Note the accompanying bungee cord, for those who need the extra help initially.

Testimonial Comments

"I have seen many abdominal routines in the last 25 years and the Beyond Crunches program is the best yet."—Steve Maxwell, M.Sc., Senior World Brazilian Jujitsu Champion

"The Russians are years ahead of us when it comes to training...Pavel is the man!" —Todd Steussie, Minnesota Vikings

"I learned a lot from Pavel's books and video, and plan to use many of his ideas in my own workouts, especially the nontraditional ab exercises described in Beyond Crunchess— Clarence Bass, authorof Ripped 1,2&3.

"As a world record holding powerlifter, I know the importance of strong abs on maximum power performance. Beyond Crunches is THE text and authority on ab/trunk stability"— Dr. Fred Clary, National Powerlifting Champion and World Record Holder.

"An Iron Curtain Has Descended Across Your Abs"

esess a maximum impact training tool for the worlds most effective abs, no question, dudes detailed follow-along instructions on how to perform most of the exercises cribed in the companion book, Bullet-Proof'Abs Demonstrates advanced techniques for [ptimizing results with the Ab Pavelizer, a former Soviet Union Special Forces conditioning coach, Pavel Tsatsouline already new a thing or two about how to create bullet-stopping abs. Since then, he has combed Ithe world to pry out this select group of primevally powerful ab exercises—guaranteed to yield the fastest, most effective results known to man.

(Right) Pavel sAb-strengthening breath techniques will give you the power to explode a water bottle but don t try this trick at home if the extreme air-pressure whacks back into your lungs, instead of exploding the water bottle you can end up very dead, which is a bummerfor everyone.

(Left) Pavel demonstrates the Power Breathing technique Bending the Fire to develop an extra edge in your abs training.

• Fry your abs without the spine-wrecking, neck-jerking stress of traditional crunches.

• No one—but no one—has ever matched Brace Lee's ripped-beyond-belief abs. What was his favorite exercise? Here it is. Now you can rip your own abs to eye-popping shreds and reclassify yourself as superhuman.

• Russian fighters used this drill, The Full-Contact Twist, to increase their striking power and toughen their midsections against blows. An awesome exercise for iron-clad obliques.

• Rapidly download extreme intensity into your situps—with explosive breathing secrets from Asian martial aits.

• Employ a little-known secret from East German research to radically strengthen your situp.

• Do the right thing with "the evil wheel", hit the afterburners and rocket from half-baked to fully-fried abs.

• "Mercy Me!" your obliques will scream when you torture them with the Saxon Side Bend.

• How and why to never, never be nice to your abs—and why they'll love you for it.

• A complete workout plan for optimizing your results from the Janda situp and other techniques.

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