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1A: BENCH SQUATS: same as reg. squats, but you lower yourself down to an exercise bench; return and repeat. Just barely touch bench; don't rest on it. Do a set, then go right to:

1B: THIGH BICEP CURLS: Either use a Leg Curl machine, or have a training partner offer resistance Do a set, then go right to:

T SQUATS: Hold the barbell at chest, palms to the front and the elbows out to front to secure the heavy barbell at the chest; then proceed to do full squats (all the way down). Return to the starting position and repeat without more than a moment's hesitation. Inhale while squatting, exhale while standing up. You may place a 2" X 4" block under your heel if you like. Do a set, then rest 2 minutes before doing another 3-exercise sequence...then again until all 4 sets are done.

2: HACK-LIFT SQUAT-TENSE: Hold barbell behind body as you stand up straight; then squat down until barbell just barely touches floor. Rise and then tense your thighs hard for a second, then lower and repeat.

3: 1-LEG RISE-ON-TOES: Reg. calf raise, but on 1 leg at a time. At top, tense calf 3 times hard, then at bottom, be sure to "stretch" calf 3 times each rep.

4A: BENT-LEGGED SITUPS: Best all-'round abdominal exercise! Sit, as shown, or on an inclined abdominal board, legs bent as far as possible, secure feet under something, clasp hands behind neck (across chest at first if too hard behind neck); then proceed to sit-up until your head is between your knees. Blow-out hard through tightly compressed lips as you sit-up, inhale freely as you lower back to the floor. Don't rest back on floor! (Note: as you get stronger, bend the legs more 'til the heels are touching your buttocks). Do a set, then go right to:

Do a set, then immediately go back to (A) and Super-set these two until all sets are done.


WHAT WEIGHT? To determine what exercise poundage to use (in the Special 118 Day Scientific BB'ing Experiment), Ernest F. Cottrell preferred these two methods:

1. With each different exercise, use a weight that is slightly difficult to do for the prescribed amount of reps on the 1st set (After a good warm-up). The second set should be much harder to do, and the third set will be about the limit of your strength to do all the reps; the sets after that should require you to resort to a slight "cheating" movement to do all the prescribed reps per set. Add Weight (from 2 1/2 to 5 lbs.) as your strength increases.

2. Another method that is very good is to use a weight that is heavier than normal so that you can only do 1 or 2 reps less than the prescribed amount; then, as your strength increases and you can do more reps (up to 2 extra reps), add weight so that you are again doing 1 or 2 reps less.and repeat.

NOTE: Whichever method you choose to use, be sure that the muscle "pumps" hard and "burns" a lot after all the sets are done! Use more weight if this doesn't happen. This "burn" should go away in a few minutes, or so.

REST PERIODS: Use a clock that has a second hand and measures the minutes and seconds accurately, THIS IS IMPORTANT! If, for instance, you are doing a "Super-Set", you go from one exercise to the other, and back to the 1st, etc., without resting, but you do really rest one set of muscles as the other set works. Some "Tri-Sets" and "Quad-Sets" may be done this way, too, and some require a rest period after their multiple-set sequence, so read the "Outline" for these rest periods.

When you are doing only one exercise (not super-sets, tri-sets, or quad-sets), rest only 30 seconds between sets to no more than 1 full minute. You will have to determine just what your own recuperative powers are here (how long you need to rest)...and when you decide to rest (say 30 sec.), then stick with this time faithfully!


Ernest did not actually go into detail about vitamins and minerals since there were at the time thousands of books and scientific papers written about them; but he did make a few comments (please keep in mind that the following theorems were what he knew to be true in 1975):

1) It's true vitamins and minerals are oftentimes prescribed individually (1 or 2 prescribed in huge doses out of proportion to the rest), and some "good" results are observed practice (in ill persons), but I don't recommend this since they are very definitely synergistic in nature with-in our systems; i.e., vitamins and minerals need to be used in various proportions in order to be effective since they perform a joint action of discrete agencies in which the total effect is greater than the sum of their effects when acting independently.

In fact, some well-know nutritionists agree that when one particular vitamin and/or mineral is taken "excessively", it can cause serious deficiencies in others already in the system because it uses them up and their value is lost. I've noticed dramatic evidence of this! THIS IS IMPORTANT, so don't forget it!

2) Don't drink soda pop of any kind when eating, or for at least an hour after your meals, for it will neutralize the hydrochloric acid in your stomach and disturb digestion.

3) Don't take high-potency iron at the same time you take your vitamin E. Let about 4 hours or more elapse or the E will be very ineffective.

4) Eat your food slowly and thoroughly before you sallow it.and don't wash it down with liquids. Take liquids into the mouth and mix it with salvia and let it trickle down the throat slowly; "eat" liquids during meals.

5) The greatest "flusher" of vitamins B & C is water! They are extremely water-soluble, and excessive drinking of water and juices, etc, flushes them from our system. Anything that has a diuretic effect (promoting the discharge of urine) should be avoided unless you immediately replenish your supply of B and C; such things as beer, coffee, wine, tea, etc, should be either avoided, or kept to a minimum.

Bodybuilders, especially, have great thirsts, so this is another reason why the higher doses of vitamins and minerals.and why I suggest they be taken throughout the day rather than one or two times per day (with the exception of the B vitamins that are to be taken 2 or 3 times per day).

6) Take Bone Meal and vitamin C about 30 minutes before eating.

7) Take all other vitamins/minerals (including the B's) with, or directly after meals.

Okay, here's a list of the vitamin & mineral dosages necessary to get results. The B-Complex vitamins should be taken in a minimum of two (2) doses per day (one dose at breakfast, and the other with a small mid-afternoon meal about 2 hours before your evening workout.).

If you take the following formula of B vitamins in three (3) doses per day, take them at breakfast, lunch and supper. The formula might appear to be an enormous amount of tablets to take, but in many high potency "stress" B formulas, you will find most of the ingredients in 1 or 2 capsules, then you'll only have to buy a few of the very neglected ones separately.

I am giving you the full daily dosage, then you can divide them up into 2 or 3 smaller doses. BE SURE to take each dose in the exact proportion listed here; i.e., don't, for instance, take the B-1, B-2, B-6 and B-12 all together at one meal, then take the rest at another meal! NO, exactly % or 1/3rd of all of them each time you take them. Read this carefully. Also, some are measured in milligrams (mg.), and some in micrograms (mcg.), so don't confuse these two!

Daily Intake

...To Be Divided Into 2 or 3 Doses


B-12- (Cyanocobalamin or Cobalamin)

Niacin (Preferred over Niacin amide) --


A------------------------------------------------------------------25,000 Units

C (From Rose Hips) ------------------------------------------------------------ 2 Grams

D (Get from Bone Meal; listed later)

E (d-alpha tocopheryl; in other E-complex oils)-------------1,200 Units

F (Bioflavonoid Complex; best source is in lemon and orange pulp just under the oil-bearing colored skin. Grate this outer skin off, then cut-up entire fruit and blend well to drinking consistency 60oz. fruit juice.) Drink 1 daily.

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