Signs Of Gaining Weight Too Quickly

A need for more sleep than usual, shortness of breath, lack of energy, and excessive sweating are all signs that you've gained muscle weight too quickly.

Many bodybuilding authorities say that you generally can't gain more than 10-12 pounds of muscle body weight in 12 months. This is generally true for some advanced bodybuilders, especially the seasoned pro competitors.

Be assured that a beginner or an intermediate bodybuilder may realize some rather exceptional gains, as evidenced in the Gain 25 Pounds in (A) 21 Day (Mass Up Cycle) e-report, in muscular body weight beyond those just mentioned.

Monitoring Tools

Some monitoring tools that you will find helpful in your quest for gaining muscular body weight are a measuring tape, a mirror, and an accurate bathroom scale. If you are in the process of gaining weight, be sure to weigh yourself during the evening around 8:00 p.m. or prior to retiring to bed, because that is when you will be your heaviest.

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Muscle Gaining Revealed

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