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The exercise course consists of a slightly unusual weight-training routine that changes every month, plus a refreshing "1-Week Preparatory Workout" that is used just before, and in-between the regular course.

The following Exercise Course is a 6-day-a-week schedule...each body-part is directly exercised twice per week. This has proven to be the most effective (1975) schedule with most bodybuilders. The exercise sequence and rest periods are rather critical, so be sure to follow the routine carefully.

This Exercise Course uses a minimum of equipment so you guys working-out in your basement with only basic equipment can progress along with the guys in a fancy, well-equipped gym.

Here's the exercise "outline" showing the exercise sequence and rest between exercises. The exercise performance and Ernest F. Cottrell's reproduced illustrations (line drawings) follow this "outline", beginning on page 89.

1st WEEK:

No exercise; completely lay-off all exercise for one full week.

2nd WEEK:


After you completely lay-off all exercises for one full week, start the following "1-Week Preparatory Workout." It is designed to "shock" your system and prepare it for the 3-Month Exercise Course that follows. Here's an "outline" of the 1-Week "Preparatory Workout:"


1) Squats with a barbell % of your body weight.

2) Body-weight-only Parallel bar dips.

3) Triceps exercise with 1/3 of the poundage you'd normally do for a 10-rep maximum. You choose the exercise. I happen to like the close-grip (6") bench presses using an EZ curl bar.


1) Underhand-Grip Bodyweight Only Chin-Ups.

2) Abdominal Work (Your Choice).

3) Biceps Exercise (Your Choice, & 1/3rd weight).

All of the exercises listed above should be done for 1 set, using the optimum muscle-blasting technique "cumulative repetitions" (refer to page 29 and/or the addendum at the conclusion of this e-report for an in-depth description)

3rd-6th Week:

Follow the 6-Day-A-Week One Month Barbell Workout as outlined in the first column(s) for sets and reps.

7th Week:

Completely rest on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...then do the 2nd-week 'Preparatory' Workout on Thursday (all 6 of the exercises); then rest again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

8th-11th Week:

Follow the 6-Day-A-Week One Month Barbell Workout as outlined in the second column(s) for sets and reps.

12th Week:

Same as the "7th Week."

13th-16th Week:

Follow the 6 Day-A-Week One Month Barbell Workout as outlined in the third column(s) for sets and reps.


(Chest & Back)

Weeks 3-6 SETS/REPS

Weeks 8-11 SETS/REPS

Weeks 13-16 SET/REPS

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