ENSIONS: Start with barbell overhead; then proceed to lower bar to bench behind head (don't move elbows much). Return and repeat for a set. Now, immediately go to:

1C: CLOSE-GRIP BARBELL CURLS: Just like reg. standing curls, but with your hands only about 6" apart, and your elbows placed against your stomach. Do a set, then immediately go to:

1D: STANDING TRICEP PRESS: Using a close grip (hands about 4-6

inches apart). Hold barbell overhead, palms forward; then proceed to lower the bar behind the head as far as possible without moving the elbows. This is important! Pause just a second in the low position so you won't "bounce" the bar back up; make the triceps do all the work. Raise barbell back up to starting position and repeat. Inhale when lowering, exhale when raising the barbell. After this set, rest 1 minute and repeat this 4-exercise sequence again, and again...'til all sets are done for each exercise.


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