ENSIONS: Start with barbell overhead; then proceed to lower bar to bench behind head (don't move elbows much). Return and repeat for a set. Now, immediately go to:

1C: CLOSE-GRIP BARBELL CURLS: Just like reg. standing curls, but with your hands only about 6" apart, and your elbows placed against your stomach. Do a set, then immediately go to:

1D: STANDING TRICEP PRESS: Using a close grip (hands about 4-6

inches apart). Hold barbell overhead, palms forward; then proceed to lower the bar behind the head as far as possible without moving the elbows. This is important! Pause just a second in the low position so you won't "bounce" the bar back up; make the triceps do all the work. Raise barbell back up to starting position and repeat. Inhale when lowering, exhale when raising the barbell. After this set, rest 1 minute and repeat this 4-exercise sequence again, and again...'til all sets are done for each exercise.


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The Basics Of Body Building

The Basics Of Body Building

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased calorie intake, and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout routine.

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