General Diet Information

To determine just how many grams of protein, fats and carbohydrates, and how many calories to take for your physical type, etc, read my BODYBUILDER'S COOKBOOK carefully; it contains excellent general information about this...PLUS it has many delicious easy-to-prepare recipes that will supply your system with a variety of good foods full of natural nutritional elements, just for the serious bodybuilder.!


Brewer's Yeast Alfalfa Tablets-

8 tablets (7 1/2 gr. each) 12 tablets (8 gr. each.)

Parsley Tablets


Rather than have bodybuilders resort to anabolic steroids and thyroid drugs, I have designed the Special Vitamin/Mineral Regime which has proven to be as good -- even much better! -- than the practice of taking dangerous drugs. The truth is, only a few guys taking these drugs get anywhere (plus it holds the very dangerous threat of bodily harm!), and the old and inaccurate myth that anabolic steroids get the muscles you want in all cases is very wrong!

Have a nice workout.!

Body Sculpture

Body Sculpture

Don’t Read this Report. Unless you want to miss out on the most exciting information about Sculpted Muscles in a Decade. Do you long for a better physique with more shapely and defined muscles? If so, you’re not alone! The problem is that while many people would love to have better defined muscles they’re not sure how to go about achieving them.

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